Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ho Ho Ho

Ho Ho Ho

Each year since 1995 the Gimlet has acted as “elf” and driver for Santa (who needs help getting dressed and finds it difficult to drive once he is ensconced in his suit). This particular Santa has been the special guest at a private party for 30 years now and no one, except the elf, knows who he is! His visits were originally auctioned off as a way to donate to our local Children’s Hospital and were a huge success. The family who won the auction has continued the tradition all these years. It has turned into a multi generation event sometimes including neighbors as well as family. This year there were many, many small children (Santa got a real workout and the elf did too since he had the privilege of carrying Santa's bag of presents). It was an earlier evening than past years to accommodate the ages but Santa was just as charming as ever. As a bonus Santa makes an extra appearance at his elf’s home and the Gimlet children, Thing One and Thing Two, get a much more quiet but very welcome visit complete with candy canes. Mrs. Gimlet got some good pictures with her fancy camera but these are just from my phone and some turned out better than others. Oh yes, Santa did leave the Gimlets with a plateful of ‘tis the season cookies. Just a small thank you for all the joy and excitement he brings to the children each year.

Teenager Thing One is almost as tall as Santa now. “Grandma you need to hold the phone steady or the picture will be blurred.” Ooops.

Thing Two is still a bit over awed by Santa. “I’m not afraid.”

Thing Two says Santa is 8 feet tall!

“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.”

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