Thursday, November 3, 2011

If this is Thursday it must be postcards, 11

Wedding party, Hardanger, Norway, ca 1900

This Axel Eliasson postcard has just about everything going for it. The bride in full regalia including the bridal crown, the men complete with hats, married women wearing aprons and skauts and presumably unmarried women with bare heads or in one case beribboned.

Traditional Hardanger bridal crown from the Bergen area of Norway

This card is dated 14 November 1912 shows the blouse, vest, sølje pins and with an impressive bridal crown. The pins were used as decoration as well as fasteners in lieu of buttons. Many postcards in the early 1900s and even before allowed writing of messages only on the picture side of the card with the reverse side for the address and stamps exclusively. Along the left margin is written "No 69 Eneberettiget 1900" and along the bottom left margin is "Søstrene Persen, Bergen" [Sisters Persen, Bergen]. Above the picture is "Hardangerbrud" [Hardanger Bride].

And finally we have a married woman wearing the skaut headdress and carrying a decorated bucket or pail for milk perhaps?

Woman from Hardanger wearing bunad with skaut and carrying a pail.

This is a John Fredriksons postcard published in Christiania now Oslo, Norway. The A. Eliasson card at the top was published in Stockholm, Sweden. All three cards were tinted photographs that were then mass-produced and printed in color.

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