Wednesday, October 12, 2011


October is such a colorful month, the grocery stores have apples, squash and pumpkins displayed --

The trees are turning--

The toadstools or mushrooms are popping up out of the ground after a good rain--

Fairy Ring

Aminita Muscaria -- poisonous but beautiful

Boletus or King Boletus, supposedly edible and choice but it did grow in the driveway. Is it safe?

Bopa aka Far Far, 1995, with a very large toadstool or mushroom (you choose, I think anything that grows spontaneously in the yard is a toadstool, what you buy in the grocery store to eat is a mushroom, but that's just me).

Let's just see how big that toadstool is, shall we?

10" in diameter

Pumpkin soup?

Grond pumpkin soup, 2001

Grond wins, 2001

Or, Halloween candy, anyone?


Happy October!

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