Thursday, October 20, 2011

If this is Thursday it must be postcards, 9

Looking north along Pay Streak

It is unlikely that this type of exhibit would be welcome or even permitted in 2011 but it was just one of several similar displays in 1909. Billed as the dog eating, head hunting, wild people of the Philippines the Igorrote Village was a main attraction on Pay Streak at the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition. Fifty people were featured in the living display and were part of a reconstructed village similar to where they lived in the Philippines. The group included men, women, several small children and babies. The exhibit was designed to show how the people lived, their culture, industry, manners and customs. The Igorrotes came from the Luzon area in the Philippines.

One of the living displays, the Igorrote Village

Looking south along Pay Streak

The Igorrote Village can be seen on the left side of this postcard. Considering the difference in the climates between the Pacific Northwest and the Philippines I cannot imagine that the people were very comfortable even during the summer months as our summers here must be much cooler than the winters in the Philippines. It was a very popular exhibit as is evidenced by the crowds gathering in front of the village entrance.

Igorrote tribe

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