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"Til Sæter" a play with Petra & Cornelius Landaas, 1903

The cast of "Til Sæter," December 18, 1903

I knew that Petra Landaas had been in at least one play because I had these wonderful old pictures but I did not have the date or the name of the play until Karen Roberts posted the newspaper article on Thank you Karen.

Petra Landaas as Sigrid, 1903

The article appeared in The Seattle Times as follows:

“Preparations for Christmas festivals among the Scandinavian have already commenced in Seattle. Leif Erikson Lodge of Sons of Norway is doubtless the first to announce its program. Friday evening December 18 at Christens Hall it will give a dramatic entertainment of rare merit. The actors have practiced more than a month to make the event a successful one. In addition to the rendition of a fine drama some choice music will be furnished. The program will open with a selection by Leuben’s band after which a tableau, Norden, will be presented by the following ladies arrayed in their national costumes: Miss O. Erickson representing Norway; Miss A. Graff, representing Sweden; Mrs. F. Olsen, representing Denmark. Nordmaendenes of Seattle will sing “Norden er et Soskenlag," which will be succeeded by the beautiful play, “Til Sæter.” Special scenery has been made for the play. The characters of the play are represented as follows: Sigrid, Miss Petra Landaas; Ragnhild, Miss Signe Norman; Asmund, Mr. C. Landaas; Nordal, Mr. A J Thuland; Skoleholderen, Mr. Fred Olsen; Busk, Mr. H. Haldorsen; Stenly, Mr. Theodore Pedersen, Jr.; Per, Mr. H. Eggan; Halvor, Mr. S. Garberg. The undertaking is in charge of A.J. Thuland, H. Holdorsen, Theo. Pedersen, Sr., and S. Dehly.” [from: The Seattle Times 29 November 1903, p 40]

Cornelius Landaas as Asmund, 1903

[I think the one on the left is Uncle Neil but not enough of his face is showing to be sure. He was not very tall, however, and all the Landaas men were of slight or slender build.]

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