Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bård Gåseflå from the 50th anniversary of Otterdals lumber mill

[I think he looks a bit stern and ferocious but perhaps they all did in those days.]

A 50 year anniversary booklet about the Otterdals saw and lumber mill was published in 1918. In this booklet are several pictures of the people and the mill. Bård Gåseflå, the father of Osmund Bårdson Gåseflå who married (Store) Anna Mikalsdatter Hornnes, is found on many of the pages. The booklet is quite interesting but it is too long to post all of it so here are just a few pages including the picture of Bård Gåseflå.

Cover page

First page of text.

One of the pages on which Bård Gåseflå appears. He is on several pages.

The top photo shows the men all lined up and ready to saw the logs into boards.

This last page shows the lumberjacks sitting on the logs getting them ready to take to the mill. The bottom picture shows a family at Naanes in front of the house with a horse and all dressed in their national costumes. That must have been for the photograph since they probably did not wear such finery when working.

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