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Anna Hornnes Visits Norway 1907/1908, part 2

Gåseflå farmhouse.
[photo courtesy of Alf Georg Kjetså]

The four children in the front from the left: Ragna, Arne, Ragnvald, and Mikal. Standing behind from the left: Anna (Store Anna) Mikalsdatter Hornnes*, Osmund Bårdsen Gåseflå, Marie, Gunie, John Stean (Sadie’s brother), Lars Stensland. The horse was named “Pil.” The photo was taken ca 1905.

Osmund Gåseflå and (Store) Anna Mikalsdatter Hornnes with Mikal, ca 1897
[photo courtesy of Inger Frøysaa]

“My sister’s place is set right on top of a hilltop and the little station is right below next to the river. One brother, Torkild [Torkjel], was a foreman on a very big factory, aluminum, and he was on his sta to greet me. He didn’t know I’d be on that day, so he rushed in and got a ticket, and came on. He was such a nice person always good reliable fine character. And I was his baby sister and very dear to him.

Wedding photo of Torkjel Mikalsen Hornnes** and Ingeborg Gundersdatter Vegusdal
From left: Anna Hornnes, Osmund Baardsen Gaaseflaa, Ingeborg, Torkjel, Anna Mikalsdatter (Store Anna) and an as yet unidentified man, ca 1907/1908.
[photo courtesy of Alf Georg Kjetså]

“So we had a grand time til we got off at sister Anna’s sta. Then all was in an uproar. Nothing like coming home to a nice big family. Mother beaming on her big kiddies, happy and contented to have so many of her children together once more. We had a wonderful dinner, and then I opened my trunks (had two) and I had brought (36) presents in all so I gave out to each what I had planned and collected for two years ahead. We were all happy and glad to be together.

“My brother has since gone west (died) at the age of 48, left wife and eight children. Had saved up a “small fortune,” so they were amply provided for. I stayed at my sister’s place for quite a while til others of my family sent out calls for a visit too. Mother was still at the old Homestead, so she had to return and I’d follow later.

Kari Mikalsdatter Hornnes and Hans Gunvaldsen Mosby, 1898
[photo courtesy of Alf Georg Kjetså]

“Had another sister, Karrie, some miles down the line and her man was with the Railway Co., so I had to go and see her. They had a lovely little place, also close to the River, same valley. She had five children, oldest boy twelve; he is now coast capt. in Florida for the last 20 years. Carrie was such a very pretty girl at 19 when she married Hans Mosby, never could like that man, only one of all my brothers-in-law too, that I didn’t like. He drank and made her very unhappy. I spent a month with them (June to July 1907). She was a wonderful mother and housekeeper. She died in 1916. I never saw her again after 1908 when I left for America once more.

“Mother and I took a long trip on skis that winter of 1908, and I hit the snow more often than she did. She had a delightful sense of humor, so we always had something to laugh at. On the morning of my departure for America mother said she’d take a long walk, and did just that. I never saw her again, she died in 1919, at the age of 80."***



* Store Anna pictured is the sister of Anna Hornnes who was also called Lil or Lille Anna. Marie and Gunie were children from Osmund's first marriage (1881) to Randi Eilevsdatter Dalehepte who died in 1892. They had four children: Baard, Ragnhild, Gunhild and Mari. Osmund and Anna had five children: Mikal, Ragnvald, Arne, Ragna, and Olga.

** Torkjel is the brother who got on the train and was the foreman at the aluminum factory. He was married first to Gunhild Olsdatter Engestøl in 1898. She died in 1905. The picture is of his second marriage. Anna is wearing the skirt she wore in 1907 for her visit to Norway and since she returned to the United States in 1908 we know this marriage must have taken place sometime during the year she was in Norway even though we do not have an exact date yet. Torkjel died in 1924, Ingeborg died in 1955.

Torkjel (Torkild) Mikalsen Hornnes, ca 1900
[photo courtesy of Alf Georg Kjetså]

*** There are inconsistencies in the spelling, dating and ages throughout Anna’s account not just in this section.
Kari appears here spelled both as Karrie and Carrie but in the church records it is spelled Kari. Anna's mother, Anne Gundersdatter was born 1842. If her mother was 80 the year she died it should be 1922 instead of 1919.

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  1. This came via email from Inger Frøysaa but it fit so perfectly here that I copied it and am posting as a blog comment--

    Dear Laurie.
    You have no idea who it pleases me to read the letters fro Lill-Anna.I still remember my dad told us aboat when the aunt came back from Amerika, and all the gifts she brougth with her.I also understand that there was a lot of fun and noise when they came to Gaasefla . The 3 boys with my dad in front often drove grandmother to despair. Throughout my childhood we traveled with the train to Gaasefla a day of the vacation to go fishing and enjoy ourselves.
    I never saw the piture from the house of Gaasefla, my dad and the other kids were so charming.

    Thanks, Inger.