Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Iver, Kristine and Martin 1893

In the post about Maggie Landaas coming to America the Lepsøy family was mentioned. Through a series of recent emails one of the previously unidentified photos in grandma's trunk has now been identified and posted here. The picture was taken in Seattle at the Roxwell Studio circa 1893 and shows Iver, Kristine (Christine) and Martin Lepsøy the children of Hans and Karine Lepsoøy that Maggie tended on the voyage from Norway to America and later when she worked for the Lepsøy family in Seattle.

New information suggests that they landed in New York on 19 May rather than 25 May so they may have come on a different ship than previously posted. Instead of the SS Nebraska they would have traveled on the Majestic a White Star Line steamship.

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